Sunday, 25 March 2018

Crackle Paint @ Tando

Hi Folks, here's my post for Tando and this week theme is 'Crackle Paint'.

I love crackle paint. LoVe! LoVe! LoVe!!! 
A ton of different results can come from the same product depending on the thickness applied. 

I used an A5 notebook as a substrate and Tando Drainpipe Elements to decorate.

I first painted the notebook cover with DecoArt black gesso and let dry. Then painted a thick coat of DecoArt Weathered Wood.

When the weathered Wood had dried, I applied a thick coat of DecoArt Media crackle paint. 

(The thicker the coat of crackle paint, the bigger the cracks. If a thin layer of the crackle paint is applied then hairline cracks will appear. Here is where the different results can be seen.)

I did the same with the drainpipe elements. But after the crackle paint had dried I then painted them with DecoArt Premium Acrylics. 

(By doing this the cracks made by the Weathered Wood and Crackle Paint are covered, yet texture can still be seen.)

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Lisa xxx 

Here are all the products I used, which are all available on the Tando Website.

Set of Drainpipe elements   Media: Black Gesso   Weathered Wood   Media: White Crackle PAINT   Media: Ultra Matte   Diarylide Yellow Premium   Burnt Sienna Premium   Cadmium Orange Hue Premium

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Sketchbooking with The Artistic Stamper Stencils

Hello folks and welcome to my post for The Artistic Stamper. This month our theme is Stencils.

I managed to get my hands on some more of the wonderful stencils at The Artistic Stamper and I had a right good play.
I have been persuading myself for the past couple of years now to try scrapbooking. And with multiple sketchbooks piling up I though lets try it....
So I grabbed one of my sketchbooks out of the pile, grabbed a handful of stencils and got to it. 

And here is the result...

The sketchbook I used has thick textured white pages, almost like recycled paper. So the ink tended to soak in to the pages more, but I like the faded, muted look it has given. 

The selection of stencils I used from The Artistic Stamper were the 3 x 3 Harlequin, 3 x 3 chevron, 3 x 3 sequin waste, 6 x 6 random dots and 6 x 6 honeycomb.

The Artistic Stamper Mask Harlequin 3" X 3"  The Artistic Stamper Mask Chevron 3" X 3"  The Artistic Stamper Mask Sequin Waste 3" X 3"   The Artistic Stamper Mask- Random Dots 6" x 6"  The Artistic Stamper mask-Honeycomb 6" x 6"  

I used a selection of Distress Oxide Inks to ink through the stencils.

I then wanted to add some stamping over the stencilled background. So I used The Artistic Stamper Artifacts Funky Fairy stamp and Artifacts Shooting Stars stamp.

Artifacts - Funky Fairy          Artifacts - Shooting Stars   

To finish I added some handwritten words. 

From taking the plunge in to scrapbooking, finally... I have realised it comes in the form of inspiration and creativity, not perfection. It doesn't have to be perfect, over the top and overly thought out to get it down on paper. 

I hope you like what I have done with The Artistic Stencils.
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Lisa xxx

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Faux Wood @ Tando


Hi folks and welcome to my post for Tando Creative. This weeks theme is 'Faux Wood'.

I used a Tando size 10 greyboard tag which I embossed with an embossing folder. (Because Tando tags are made from greyboard, they are very malleable and look fantastic when run through an embossing folder!)

I painted the tag with a coat of DecoArt white gesso then applied DecoArt crackle paint on random areas of the tag. When the crackle paint had dried, I painted it with DecoArt Premium Acrylic paints.

I used two of the decorative hinges which I added DecoArt texture sand paste and painted them using the acrylic paints. 

To finish I added a metal number 6 embellishment.

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Lisa xxx

The Tando and DecoArt products I used are available on the website.

Decorative Hinges    10off Tags Size 6 134x67mm

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Stencils in Bloom @ The Artistic Stamper

Hi folks and welcome to my blog post for The Artist Stamper. 
This week the theme puts The Artistic Stamper stencils in the spotlight. 
I chose the 6 x 6 random dots stencil to use for this project.

I coloured the background of a white piece of card with Distress Oxide Inks then used the random dots mask with some white texture paste, which I coloured with one of the inks I used for the background.

I used the same mask with more texture paste on a small greyboard tag and added colour with the ink

I coloured some flowers with the Oxide Inks and added them to the tag with some sisal.

I stamped the word 'bloom' with the decay alphabet stamp set on to a white piece of card then inked the edges to match the colour palette.

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Lisa xxx 

Here are The Artistic Stamper products I used... which are available on the website.

The Artistic Stamper Mask- Random Dots 6" x 6"     Decay Alphabet lower case size A5 (cut out and mounted on cling cushioning)